Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cycling In Malaysia

When I first came to this part of the world 20 years back, the thing that attracted me most about living here was the constant warm weather. Though I was born in the UK, I have never liked the cold, and the wet, drizzly gloom of a British winter is really something I would be happy to never experience again.

For a cyclist/triathlete this also means no off season - no downtime. Awesome!

Now that I have to spend chunks of my time away from Malaysia, I appreciate even more what it has to offer - especially to a cyclist.

There is an amazing abundance of wild nature around us here, yet the roads are pretty good. The road system covers the whole peninsula with access to most of the hilly areas, and drivers are generally courteous and careful - outside of the urban areas. The food, which is some of the best and most varied in the world, is cheap and abundant, yet sanitation is excellent and it's also safe to eat most road-side offerings. Infrastructure is good. Petrol station kiosks sell isotonic drinks, and mobile networks cover most areas, with good internet connectivity and online information on pretty much everything. And English is widely spoken, which is very welcoming to visitors.

But really, the cycling is just awesome! We can put together routes as long, hard, scenic as you like, and even just your average out-and-back routes from urban hubs like Kuala Lumpur are mind-numbingy gorgeous.

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