Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Human Diet Rediscovered - Dawn Travels

The daily hunt and gather of a keto-readapted human.
Log #1

"It's on America's tortured brow, that Mickey Mouse has grown up a cow" David Bowie. 

Today I’m on an early bus. It’s part of my regular shuttle between my 2 homes in the Southeast Asian cities of Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

Being as it’s so early, I usually rely on Burger King for breakfast. Yes, that's right: in a carb-obsessed world we make friends in strange places. That bastion of fast food junk is actually able to provide me with something basically nourishing. The reason? They do an Omelette Breakfast. Eggs, oh joy! - the original super-food.

Anyway, there’s one in the mall from which the bus leaves, and it’s open early. It’s one of the few places I can get something which I’d consider nutritious at this time of day. An omelette with a cooked half tomato and a rather leathery sausage. In this case the only thing I absolutely have to ditch is the croissant, so it doesn’t feel too wasteful, and it comes with a small pack of butter, which adds to the nutritional value.

Well, imagine my annoyance when I’m greeted with:

“sorry sir, we open at 7.30” (the time my bus will leave!)

“since when?”

“since Monday"

Oh well....

I wander around the mall, into corners I don’t usually visit, in search of something else acceptable. Nothing. Everything carbohydrate. Lots of baked products. I’m thinking to myself how sad it is that in an Asian country, the only thing on offer for breakfast is bread. Good morning America.

Then I pass by a couple with child tucking into what would probably be termed Continental Breakfast - bread, jam, honey etc. I’m trying to remember the warm, fuzzy sensation of that first blood-sugar rush of the day. That kick-start to the day’s vicious cycle of blood-sugar-top-ups, with its peaks and troughs, and associated energy fluctuations. What a blessing it is to be out of that cycle. As usual, I start feeling like an alien observer. My thoughts are turning dark.

I get myself a latte at Coffee Bean, grateful that they haven’t managed to outlaw full-cream milk. They do include some nutrition in their breakfasts at this place, but the focus is the ubiquitous carb fluff, and it just feels too wasteful spending good money on stuff of which I’ll throw 70% away.

Liquid breakfast. Oh well, I guess I’ll get something more solid at the rest stop after about 3 hours of bus journey - some stuff they usually put on rice, except without the rice. Not that I’m particularly hungry - in a body free from the dependance on glucose, hunger is a much more gradual, subtle event. Breakfast is more of a habit. Coffee is way more crucial anyway at this point. I may have ditched my addiction to carbohydrate, but I have no intention of giving up caffeine!

Then I remember that I have a piece of siew yoke (roast pork belly) in my bag, and a packet of blueberries. Things I rescued from my fridge in Singapore since I won’t be around for over a week.

The morning brightens.

Since discovering the secret to human nutrition in late 2014, initially through self-experimentation for athletic purposes, but eventually through a growing library of unbiased and objective scientific research, I was impassioned with the need to enlighten my fellow travelers. I’m fighting a losing battle. The odds are so massively stacked against nutritional enlightenment since the food industry (which drives a large part of every country’s market economy) along with the drug industry, and with staunch support from public health institutions, is dedicated to preserving the status quo, ensuring we keep believing dietary principles which are in exact contradiction to real nutritional science.
There is just so much to say about the benefits of eating correctly, and the fight for responsible information on health, that I have decided to keep writing down my thoughts on the subject as they occur, in the hope that the truth may be recognisable to someone who may then be inspired to start this journey themselves.

I would love to hear your thoughts, comments and questions!

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