Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Project Orca - Epsode 3: The Birth


Well, the cranks are finally in the same country as the rest of the bike so, though the post will take a few more days to get them to us, we decided we'd build the rest of the bike up to get it ready for the last steps - cranks and fit.

For an intro to what's happening here, see the first and second episodes.

Venue is the Soon Watt/Orbea shop on Changi Road. In attendance: Master of Ceremonies Mave Goh, Dr Ahmad and his assistant Bob, myself and Mrs me (proud parents).

...as are many good things!
 Here's a photographic essay on the birth of my kind of superbike :)

the doctor preparing for operation
first step - bearing rings for the headset

greasing it....

unusual clamp mechanism for an unusual seatpost shape

fork assembly in place
all the orbea bits on plus the easton ec90slx stem
easton ec90slx3 bars 42cm with the sram red levers in place

sram red aerolink brakes

sram red aeroglide rd
sram red yaw fd with chain-spotter

running the inner-cable sleeve through to the rd
gore cables for the gears, grey jagwires for the brakes

easton ec90sl aeros with vittoria rubino pro IIIs

taking shape

my favourite fizik bar tape - and oh-so-matching!
front end is pretty complete
So it will be a couple of days before the last pieces of the puzzle are put into place. Tantalizingly close but no cigar yet!

Watch this space.....



  1. That is really really nice looking machine!!

  2. Perhaps the most complete account of a bike set up ever! Built by the longest Mechanics partnership in town. 12 years and still talking to each other. ;)

    1. Yeah - and they've been building bikes for me since the beginning!