Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Carbon Rebound Magic

As some of you might have gathered from a recent post, I had entrusted my cracked bike frame to the hands of a local company in Singapore reputed to be experts at the repair of carbon bike frames.

The Rebound Centre is situated in Geylang in the east of Singapore, and as far as I know must be the only place of it's kind in this region. It came recommended by pretty much everybody who's opinion I respect in the bicycle business, and though it meant I had to part with the frame for 6-8 weeks (such is their demand), it left my hands a sad and damaged article, and came back like new.

Sulaiman is the master craftsman at work here. He explained that it would not be possible to retain the carbon-weave finish, as they'd have to cover that up with several new layers. He also told me that there would be a visible bump where the new material was added, but assured me that they would touch up the paintwork so that it would be as unnoticeable as possible.


The frame that came back to me however is so completely transformed that I have to point out the place where the crack was even to those inspecting it quite closely. The lacquer and paintwork are impeccable and though the area is now black instead of clear lacquered carbon, the difference is extremely subtle even in strong light. The lump too is barely visible to the naked eye.


As for strength, I have yet to put it under any massive climbing torque, but it really doesn't feel any more flexible than the super stiff frame it was when I bought it. Since the fracture happened on the top surface of the top tube, and not on a more structurally crucial section, it is subject to probably the least amount of stress under normal riding conditions anyway, but then I doubt we'd have gone for this option had the crack been elsewhere.

I would strongly recommend anyone in Singapore, Malaysia - or perhaps even further afield - with any issues with their carbon frames to entrust it to Sulaiman and his team. You can contact him at The above-linked website has the address and phone numbers.

At least one positive thing came out of this sorry saga.....


  1. The guy is a magician, simply a top quality tradesman, apparently the only certified DT Swiss trained wheel-builder in the region. He rebuilt my cracked carbon rim wheel better than it was before, and charged me really next to nothing. It's tempting to send my repairs from Melbourne to him, here I would be charged at least 4 times as much. And a great human being too. I would love to have him build me a custom Seven Cycles bike...

    1. That's great Rob. He's a very humble but gifted guy, and seems keen to take on some quite challenging repairs - sounds like you had one.

  2. Hi and thanks for the review. I have been looking for a carbon repair shop around Asia and they are by the far the only company i came across. I originally found them via a forum post then did some digging and landed on their fb page. Based on my research, they are highly recommended and the only ones around in Asia ( I know at least ) that does quality carbon work.

    Question though, how much did it cost you to have the bike repaired?

    1. I think I paid $350 Singapore. Whatever it was, it was great value. The frame is still in full use.

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